True automatic pipe spool welding intelligence

PerfectPass-iQ on the Rotoweld 3.0 delivers true automatic welding with exceptional X-ray quality and provides detailed QC reports. Quite simply, it’s the new operational standard in pipe spool fabrication.

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PerfectPass-iQ replicates the skills of top welders

Imagine…the best welder’s best weld. Every. Single. Time. And 5 times faster.

The PerfectPass-iQ, Tecnar’s latest innovation, consistently tackles the irregularities of real-life fabrication. Developed using a human approach to automate best GMAW practices, it distills 35 years of Tecnar’s expertise in automation into a single dependable work cell.

Perfect root pass

PerfectPass-iQ ensures that fusion and penetration are maintained throughout the entire root pass by continuously adjusting for gap, hi-lo, bevel angle, land, out-of-round and centering the joint.

Perfect fill passes

PerfectPass-iQ is the only fully adaptive automated welding intelligence in fill passes, ensuring optimized fusion of the pass on both the root outer face and the bevel sides. It also maintains the optimized arc-length and stick-out, no matter the conditions of the preparation.

Perfect cap

PerfectPass-iQ is the only automated welding intelligence with a capping pass custom adapted to each joint preparation, ensuring it stays centered on the joint, maintaining appropriate arc length and covering the entire joint from one side to the other.

100% hands-off welding

Just press start and watch the PerfectPass-iQ make perfect welds every time. This advanced welding technology combines intelligent vision and precise control to deliver unparalleled consistency and quality. It adjusts the welding parameters in real time, adapting to changes in fitting preparation and overall conditions.

Say goodbye to human error.


The data generated by PerfectPass-iQ is used to create a comprehensive report detailing the pipe preparation and quality of every weld. This allows you to work effectively with your pipe fitters to maintain high-quality standards. It also indicates whether the system was able to maintain weld quality or, in the event that operational limits were reached, if a welder’s verification is recommended. Each weld is assigned an overall score for a concise performance overview.

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