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You can’t go back

Tecnar has enjoyed a long and prosperous partnership with Perma-Pipe. Over the years, they have purchased 3 Rotowelds–their last was a Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay model in 2014. In their experience, this model has reached the level of maturity that makes it both easy to use and highly productive. On a busy day, they can weld an average of 25 joints on 12-inch diameter pipes in a 10-hour shift. As Jason Haskin, Facility Engineering Manager, says, “When you get used to a low rework rate like we have with the Rotoweld, you can’t go back.” 


300-dia inch

on a busy day

5 ★

Tecnar service team approval rating

top level

of Rotoweld 3.0 product maturity

Perma-Pipe is very satisfied with Tecnar’s service

Perma-Pipe has the highest praise for Tecnar’s service. “Inquiries are answered in minutes, making it very efficient for a manufacturing facility. That’s because Martin and Chris, seasoned Tecnar Rotoweld specialists,  know the reality of fabrication,” said Jason Haskin.

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