Prodatalog brings
industry 4.0 to your welding fabrication process

Prodatalog™ has two main goals: productivity tracking and quality control. This web-based interface gives you access to the Rotoweld 3.0 intelligence and data required to compete in the modern fabricator market.

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The Prodatalog advantage

The Prodatalog records every single event on the Rotoweld, from the weld puddle camera to the welding power source and torch positions.

It gives you the convenience of logging all information about the welding parameters of each joint, plus valuable insights into your welding team and their understanding of how to optimize the Rotoweld 3.0 each day.

Productivity monitoring with the Overview page

A glance at your production over a given time frame, featuring different filters, such as job number, date, welder name or welding program.

The Overview page shows the high-level report that helps you see the productivity trends in your shop, focusing on two key pieces of information. The first is productivity, both in total joints welded and total dia inch.  The second is performance or quality issues, expressed both in welding interruptions and in incomplete welds.  The displayed chart has one data point for each day of the chosen time frame. Clicking on any of these days will open the Daily View page of the Prodatalog for deeper investigation.


Keep an eye on your arc on-time with the Daily view

A daily summary is the snapshot of your day, detailing any unplanned downtimes or welding interruptions that may need investigation.

Confirm at a glance that the uptime, shown by the green lines, is all right. Each line is an arc-on time during a joint. For example, you’ll instantly see if there was a welding interruption somewhere and at which joint. Clicking on any of the lines links to the Inspection page, pinpointing the joint information.


The analysis data generated by PerfectPass-iQ is used to create a comprehensive report meticulously detailing the pipe preparation and quality of every weld. This allows you to work effectively with your pipe fitters to maintain high-quality standards. It also indicates whether the system was able to maintain weld quality or, in the event that operational limits were reached, if a welder’s verification is recommended. Each weld is assigned an overall score for a concise performance overview.

Advanced quality control with the Inspection page

Since the devil is in the details, the Inspection page of the Prodatalog takes you to the root of welding. This page leads to a drill-down into a live recording of all the welding parameters and the video of the puddle for each welding pass.

Videos and charts help to investigate key details about the preparation, such as bevel angle, gap, land, hi-lo, tack thickness and tack length.

Benchmarking tool: let us help you improve

With over 150 Rotowelds at work around the world and 30 years of experience in automating spool shops, Tecnar’s service team is more than qualified to help you. We use your Rotoweld Prodatalog information to benchmark your shop’s productivity, identify areas for improvement and offer solutions based on our expertise.

Welding programs

A built-in bank of base welding programs is included and you can easily import new programs. Projects and programs are automatically saved and backed-up.

Web-based Interface

Easily track and improve the performance of your Rotoweld 3.0 and your welding team from anywhere, anytime.

The Prodatalog has been programmed so it can run from any device with a web browser and an Ethernet link to the Prodatalog database. This database resides on the Rotoweld computer and is accessed through the shop’s network. It can also be imported to another computer periodically for Rotowelds that cannot be hooked up to a network or for external back-up purposes.

Rotoweld 3.0 models

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