4D Synergy Welding
Automatic control of pipe welding parameters

4D Synergy Welding™ is a unique patented technology of proprietary algorithms that link together the four key welding parameters so that any joystick command maintains ideal welding conditions. It provides a smooth and comfortable welding feeling that is probably the number one reason why people adopt the Rotoweld as soon as they lay their hands on it.

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The 4D Synergy Welding advantage

The 4 key welding parameters

  • Travel speed
  • Wire feed rate
  • Arc voltage
  • Weaving width

Robotic pipe welding is 5 x faster than manual SMAW or GTAW

The computer’s fast reaction time means the machine can work at high deposition rates and travel speeds at which weld pool conditions are too critical to be sustained by hand.

Patented technology

Arc voltage, oscillation width, travel speed and wire speed all vary following a single movement of the Rotoweld’s joystick. This ensures the arc and weld puddle dynamics are maintained in ideal conditions.

Made to weld typical pipe weld preparations

The strength of the Rotoweld is that you don’t need a perfect preparation. This machine is ready for standard pipe fit-ups. Either using the Rootomatic or going manual with 4D Synergy Welding, the operator will weld with hi-lo variations of up to 75% of the gap width and manage gap variations of up to 100%.

Rotoweld 3.0 models

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